Replacement And Warranty

Return Policy For Products

We take great pride in all the product designs we curate and provide. However, we completely understand if there are reasons that the product needs to be returned. To check our return policy in detail here.


The order amount will be credited to you within 10-days from the day of initiating the refund. In case of returns, the refund will be initiated once the returned product is reviewed and inspected by our team. If a Product is returned under our Return Policy, the value of such product, as originally paid by you will be refunded to you. Refund will be processed based on the mode of payment and Bathaffair or the approved payment gateway will credit your refunds directly into your debit/credit card or online account. 


You are now the proud owner of a "Bathaffair" Product. You'd be delighted to know that every Bathaffair product is sourced and curated using the highest quality ingredients with a secret recipe that has its heart in human comfort, delight, and safety. The warranty we offer differs from product to product, based on the product brand purchased. The Warranty is directly provided by the Brand Parent Company. To help you reinforce your belief in us we are glad to offer a warranty on your purchase based on the enumeration below:


  • - It doesn’t extend to consequential damage or losses.
  • - It is null and void if repairs and modifications or any kind of alterations have been found to be carried out by external agencies.
  • - It does not cover deterioration or rusting due to atmospheric conditions.
  • - It does not cover normal wear and tear.
  • - It will be based on the Standard Operating procedures governing product warranties and the brand parent & manufacturer's decision in handling such warranties shall be final and bearing on the customer.

Scope Of Warranty

  • - Defects in manufacturing and material.
  • - Joinery of metal fittings.
  • - Joints of ceramic/plastic structures.
  • - Wood, glass and metal finishes provided the use and care of the product is followed as per the intended use and maintenance procedures.
  • - Deformation and collapsing of material core.
  • - This warranty does not cover Glass, Mirror, Stone, acrylic or any breakable material thereof.
  • - All metal and wood finishes change slightly with time due to the natural behaviour of the finishes. Such a change does not constitute a defect under this warranty.
  • - All metal, wood, stone and glass finishes can retain their look with the following maintenance schedule. Rigorous use of product items may degrade these finishes. This warranty does not cover such degradation. 
  • - Purchaser is required to follow suitable wet mop cleaning of wood, metal, stone, glass, mirror, acrylic, veneer surfaces using no aggressive cleaning agents.
  • - Purchaser is required to follow the upkeep methods provided specifically for their product by the brand purchased. If the method found faulty warranty does not comply in such cases.
  • - Purchaser is required to follow degreasing, buffing and shining of product surfaces using recommended compounds only.
  • - Contracted products once set up after unpacking in a particular location must not be repacked with unauthorized packaging material or moved to another location. This warranty is not extended to the product if subjected to repackaging and relocation.